Our Services

Security Review

A specially trained Laucory representative will visit your facility and conduct a walk through with your designee(s).  He/she will speak with facility managers, security and maintenance staff and others before presenting suggestions to make your facility safer.

Facility Checklist

Our 30+ year experience in security and safety has helped us create a facility checklist outlining more than 250 suggestions that you can use, many of which can be implemented free of charge or at very low cost.  We add to this list with every job we get, every facility we tour and every manual/guide we read.

Emergency Plans

Let us create or update your facility's emergency plans.  We can write protocols for hold-in-place, shelter-in-place, lockout, lockdown, and evacuation situations.   We can also write and test your business continuity plans.  

Staff Training

Do your staff members know their roles in an emergency?  Using your emergency plans and our experience, we can create classes for administrators, staff, security, teachers and counselors to prepare for almost any situation.  

Drills and Exercises

Plans are important but if they haven't been tested and exercised, are they legitimate?  We can create drills, relaxed functional exercises, or no-notice full-scale exercises to train your staff and and/or evaluate your plans. 

Special Events

Need someone to write emergency plans or train security staff for a special event, conference, or concert?  Let our staff help you get ready for your special event.