Our Managing Director


 Rob Schwach's 21-year career with the NYPD was anything but typical. As a beat cop, he initiated award-winning programs to prevent crime and improve police/community relations and worked as a school resource officer at both the middle school and high school levels.  

As a Sergeant, he rewrote the training curriculum for emergency management and crowd management and trained personnel for the United Nations Department of Safety and Security, the United States Secret Service, and the New York City Department of Corrections and CUNY Public Safety . 

In 1998, he created the department's C.O.B.R.A. program to train and manage the deployment of task force officers to a chemical, biological, or radiological threat. He was a first responder and supervisor at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 and at the crash of American Airlines #587 two months later. 

As a Lieutenant, he was an Executive and Commanding Officer of a specialized city-wide unit, and led an NYPD contingent to  coordinate logistics in New Orleans to patrol the city after Hurricane Katrina.   

Federal Emergency Management Agency

After Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast in 2012, FEMA looked to hire local emergency management experts to get help to affected residents.  Rob was brought on as the Division (Borough) Supervisor for Queens, coordinating the hundreds of staffers assigned to that Borough who went door to door registering claims and advising city government officials how to get federal funds to rebuild city parks and buildings.  He was also responsible for managing the Incident Command system in Queens, coordinating the work of the Operations, Logistics, and Planning functions.

Laucory Clients

Many of Laucory's clients insist on our signing non-disclosure agreements, but we can share the names of some others.  Laucory has created emergency plans and/or supervised security training for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, the U.S. Open Golf tournament at Bethpage, and worked for major security groups including Harvard Protective Services, Rydan, and Thomas J. Graham and Associates, and supported clients such as the Duke and Wake Forest University Police, and Sabre Technologies.  Most of our business though, is with local schools and houses of worship. 


Rob is a licensed NYS Security Guard and NYS Emergency Psychiatric Technician.  He has certificates in crime prevention, community policing, incident management, hazardous materials response, radiological operations, biological threats, less-than-lethal weapons and is a former NYS Emergency Medical Technician and NYC Schools substitute teacher (TPD).  He has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from CUNY/Queens College.

But what does LAUCORY mean?

Rob and his wife Belinda have three children, LAUren, COrey, and RYan (LAUCORY).