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The world of facility security has changed drastically over the past two decades.  Despite advances in alarm systems, monitoring equipment, security hardware, and access control technologies, multiple threats have emerged.

Building Managers, School Principals, and Non-profit Administrators have been tasked with creating security policies and procedures for their staffs, and are often required to create guidelines, author emergency operations and evacuation plans, and manage and train security staff without any training or guidance in these areas.

That's where Laucory Consulting, LLC comes in.  We will create a security review and crisis management training program specific to your needs, taking on all of those responsibilities. 

Our Approach

We start with a walk-through of your facility, speaking with managers and staff, members and/or clients.  We review our 250+ point checklist with you to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas of improvement.  This leads to a "needs assessment," where we present which of our services would best assist you.

Does your facility have an emergency operations plan?  Has your plan been exercised/tested recently?  Is there an evacuation plan in place?  Do you conduct drills to familiarize building staff with your plans and their roles?  Has your security staff been trained properly? 

   Have your organization's clients/parents asked about facility security and requested a meeting? 

Laucory Consulting, LLC can do all those things for you...and many more!

Why Us?

Our Managing Director's 30+ years in security management and experience in Law Enforcement (NYPD), Crisis Management (FEMA), School Safety (School Resource Officer), and Building/Non-profit Management (Temple Administrator) give Laucory Consulting, LLC an edge over any other company doing this kind of work.

We're not a "traditional" security company in that we don't offer guard service or install alarms or cameras.

Instead, we focus on helping you establish policies and procedures for your organization, create emergency plans and training exercises.  We can train your staff to deter, prevent, or manage a crisis.

We've done work for local non-profits, private schools. houses of worship, week-long conferences, Fortune 500 companies and even the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.  

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